Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nibbles work?

Nibbles is a Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with a Camera. All you need to do is create a pet profile online and make sure Nibbles is connected to your Wifi. As long as Nibbles has power and internet access, you will be able to feed and watch your pet.

What colors will Nibbles come in?

The current colors we have for Nibbles is white and black. We will likely add another color depending on demand.

Can I use multiple Nibbles?

You can easily access multiple Nibbles and create several users through our mobile app.

How large is Nibbles and how small of portions can it dispense?

At the moment, the current dimensions of Nibbles is 15" x 10" x 8" (15" x 10" x 14" with the bowl attached) and is estimated to hold a minimum of 30 cups of food. Nibbles will be able to dispense as small as 1/8 of a cup.

Can I use my iPhone or Android phone?

We will have an iPhone and Android app where you can feed and watch your pet as long as you have access to the internet.

Can I record or take pictures of my pet?

You will be able to share pictures and videos through Facebook, Twitter etc.

What notifications can I receive?

You will be notified when food is being dispensed, when your food storage is running low and many more things!

What do the LED lights mean on the front?

The LED lights tells you how much food is remaining in the food storage. Having four green lights means the storage unit is full or almost full, three green lights means the storage unit is approximately 75% full, and so on. Nibbles will have 1 red LED light on when you have 20% or less food remaining. You can also set up a notification when your food storage is running low.

Will Nibbles still work if the internet or power turns off?

Yes and no. Nibbles includes a backup battery and will continue dispensing food according to your set schedule even if it's not connected to the internet. Unforunately, you will not be able to access your webcam if Nibbles does not have internet access.

What material will Nibbles be made out of?

Nibbles will be made out of plastic and we will ensure its pet-friendly. We will be using Nibbles ourselves as we have a cat and dog!

What type of food can Nibbles store?

Nibbles is only able to store dry food at the moment.

Is there a mobile subscription fee?

Our app will be free to use. All you have to do is download it when it's available at the App Store.

How secure is the wireless connection to Nibbles?

Security is one of our top priorities since Nibbles has a webcam. We'll ensure that Nibbles is secure.

Is there Warranty?

Nibbles will have a 1 year warranty policy.

When will I receive Nibbles?

We are aiming to ship all our pre-orders by early February 2015.

Are the co-founders allergic to cats?

We're both allergic to cats but after hanging out with Nibbles the Cat for a while, we're both immune now :) Oh and Yes, we've named our company after the cat.

I have suggestions or just want to say hello!

Please feel free to email us at with any inquiries you may have! We would love to hear any feedback :)